How to Reset TP-Link Extender Password

A device that is used to extend the total coverage area of your wifi connection is known as extender. It is used in offices, homes, etc. It works as:-

  • First it receives the existing wifi signal, broadcasted it and then transmitted the boosted wifi signal. Sometimes, TP-Link wifi extender not working, so in that case you need to know that how to reset TP-Link extender password.
How to Reset TP-Link Extender Password

Know About Extenders:-

Firstly, connect your extender to the router to help extended the internet signals into rooms or different floors. You need to TP-Link wifi extender setup wps. Through this, it effectively increased the coverage area of your extender network. Most of the wifi extenders are used to improve the wifi coverage area. So that wireless networks reached at every corner of the building. There is different type of extenders but not all the extenders worked in the exact same way.

TP-Link WiFi Extender Not Working:-

Sometimes, there were facing many issues during work such as troubleshooting, TP-Link wifi extender not working, etc. Next, checked that how the extenders worked. How to reset TP-Link extender password , how to configure the TP-Link extender, etc.

How Do Extenders Work?

Let some talk about the how to extender worked with the wifi routers, there are the instructions which is following during the connection:-

  • Once a connection is made between the internet-connected device and router.
  • Then your TP-Link wifi extender WPS grabs the existing wifi signal, amplifying it and thereafter, it transmitted these signals to every corner of the building.
  • That time the internet-connected device and router must be closed with each other.
  • Through this way, it easily grabs the signals and you reached with your wifi connections at everywhere.
  •  If your TP-Link wifi extender not working, then found out how to reset TP-Link extender password.

How to TP-Link Extender Setup:-

TP-Link Extender Setup

Firstly, they need to connect the wifi range extender to the LAN port of the TP-Link. It’s really confusing sometimes while even after trying wps and browser setup. It doesn’t work properly, there is faced some issues. Therefore, you will need to fix these issues to TP-Link extender setup properly by following these given steps:-

  • Left click the options starts->Control panel->Network change adapter settings. Thereafter, set the static IP address.
  • Open any web portal page, type the IP address of the TP-Link extender and then press the enter button. Type it’s username and the login password and

   Then click it on OK button.

  • The above IP settings are ready to log in the web based interface of TP-Link for the configuration. Through this way, you have to done the TP-Link wifi extender setup wps.

Factory Default for TP-Link Extender:-

Before resetting your TP-Link wifi range extender password, checked all the login details for this device such as TP-Link extender setup and follow all these given instructions:-

  1. First, find that reset button which found at the back side of your device.
  2. Next click on the reset button by using the paper pin or any of the other sharp objects.
  3. And just tap or long press on that reset button for some seconds and then your device is all set to default settings.

Now, your device has reset, and you have changed the TP-Link extender wifi password automatically.

Steps Required Resetting the TP-Link Extender Password:-

Check that how to reset TP-Link extender setup. If you’re TP-Link Wifi Extender not is working, then follow some given steps to reset your TP-Link extender password.

TP-Link WiFi Extender Not Working

There, the previous login username and password are both the “admin”. If you have already changed the TP-Link extender password, then there is not an another way to find it. After that, reset it to factory default, and set it as a new one.

  • Now, check that the extender is powered on before it restarts completely.
  • The default login username and password for TP-Link extender setup both are admin.
  • Then, make sure that the IP address of your device that is computer or PC is in the same subnet as the device. It implies that your device has an IP address 192.168.01.

This implies that you have to reset the TP-Link extender password. And after this you have to need a new password to log into the extender to connect with existed signals. So, you can know how to reset TP-Link extender password.

Configure My TP-Link Wifi Extender WPS:-

1. Then plugged the extender into a power outlet near the main router.

2. Next, clicked on the WPS button on the main router. And suddenly press the WPS button on your range extender.

3. This process will take 2 minutes. Now, wait for 2 minutes. Then, check the wireless LED light signals of your extender. This shows that the TP-Link extender setup is correct or not.

4. Then, if the wireless LED light signal of your extender is still off. It means that your process has failed to seethe TP-Link wifi extender wps.

5. In the end, put the TP-Link extender in an exact place, where you want to extend the wireless network’s coverage. Once it’s done, you must not to repeat the process, it automatically connect servery time whenever you plug it back.

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